• Snorkeling with giant Manta Rays

  • Snorkeling in Nusa Penida

  • Snorkeling Safari at Manta Point

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Package 5, Ayurveda Massage & Manta Safari

Manta Safari

There’s no other appopriate way to describe this site other than just amazing. Imagine yourself surrounded by giant manta rays as they feed close to the coastal edge, gliding gracefully through the water, fairly unfazed by your presence. It’s great to forst dive with manta rays then snorkel as they often hover near surface.

We will Snorkeling at 4 Different location around three Angel Nusa Penida Islands (Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida and Nusa Ceningan Island).


As a major claim to fame, this site is the stunning location for the regular gathering of adult manta rays, sea turtles and nurse sharks. Situated on the exposed southern side of the island, favorable sea conditions will make this one of most exhilarating snorkeling/diving encounters you could ever hope to experience.



Abhyanga is a therapy focused on calming the nervous, lymphatic and circulatory systems. A therapy technique that was incredible, because every movement adjusted to the type of disease being treated. Abhyanga is performed by two or more therapists working in sync or can also be done by a therapist, depending on the patient’s condition doshas. Herbal oils used in Massage Abhyanga may varied depending on season and individual dosha, but commonly used oils, including sesame, coconut, sunflower, mustard and almonds. Abhyanga Massage therapy followed by Svetlana, a warm bath, yoga or laying in the sun. This therapy is very useful for obesity, especially when dealing with diabetic gangrene (a condition of the body due to extreme lack of movement and good blood velocity).


Shirodhara is a therapy awaken the mind and body into a state mechanism tranquility in depth. By improving the balance of the cerebellum and the cerebrum through the sirodhara, chronic headaches, migraines, vertigo, insomnia, stress, dementia, and so on can be overcome.

For carrying out Shirodhara on the forehead, a droni alone is not enough. A structure similar to a drip stand is used to suspend the vessel that holds the dhara fluid. A vessel with a hole at the bottom is used. For a gentle, continuous flow, a small device made of the sell of a coconut to which a cotton wick has been tied, is fixed inside. The wick, which hangs down through the hole at the bottom, guides the flow.

To begin with, some oil suited to the patient’s dosha condition is applied on the crown. This is a prerequisite in almost all oil treatments. A headband (varti) is tied just above the ear level to prevent oil from flowing into the eyes. The patient is then made to lie on his back on the droni with the head rested properly. The position of the head as should be such that the stream from vessel. When the oil that trickles down the wick starts to fall on the patients forehead, the therapist moves the vessel to and fro gently to ensure that the oil covers the entire region between the temples while he gently massage the area with his other hand.

The duration of a dhara is usually between 25 and 75 minutes. However, if the disease is very severe, it may take longer. A dhara is generally good for diseases due to a disorder of the tridoshas. Herbal oil, tender coconut water, milk, ghee, dhanyamlam ( a mixture of cereals and citrus fruits) or buttermilk may be used for various kinds of dharas. The treatment is indicated for insanity, severe illnesses due to disorder of the vata, chronic cold, sinusitis, diseases of the eyes, ears indicate that Siridhara induces a calm alpha brain-wave state which increases mental clarity and memory as well as improved stress and immune response and so on.

Shirodhara (often thought as the queen of all Ayurvedic treatments) is a beautiful therapy. It awakens the mind and lulls the entire bodily organism into a state of deep calmness. Shirodhara is integrated with the Abhyanga massage and involves the pouring of a steam of warm oil on and across the forehead. A deep meditative and intuitive state is achieved and a shift of awareness and mental clarity is experienced. Shirodhara quiets the mind, and releases stress. This therapy helps relive insomnia, anxiety, depression, and revitalizes the central nervous system.

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Package 5, Ayurveda Massage & Manta Safari
Package 5, Ayurveda Massage & Manta Safari
Package 5, Ayurveda Massage & Manta Safari
Package 5, Ayurveda Massage & Manta Safari
Package 5, Ayurveda Massage & Manta Safari
Package 5, Ayurveda Massage & Manta Safari
Package 5, Ayurveda Massage & Manta Safari
Package 5, Ayurveda Massage & Manta Safari

General Information

ロケーション ヌサレンボンガン
スケジュール Pick-up time 7.00 AM back to hotel 8.00 PM
時間 13 時間
大人料金 USD 99
子供料金 USD 75
最少催行人数 2 名

Package Inclusions

* Return pick-up hotel

* Return Fast Boat to Nusa Penida

* Free Cliff Jumping

* 4 locations snorkeling around Nusa Penida and Lembongan

* 1 locations snorkeling with Manta Rays

*  3 Hour Ayurveda Wellness Therapies 

* Special open local boat

* Snorkeling equipment


USD 99


USD 75

あなたがWebsiteでご予約、お支払いされる場合の料金は大人料金でUSD90/person 子供料金でUSD68/person となっております 予約する