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  • Kelingking/Navagio Beach, Nusa Penida

  • Kelingking Beach, Nusa Penida

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  • Angel Billabong Beach Nusa Penida

Angel Billabong Beach Nusa Penida Trips

We will Visit, Angel Billabong Beach, Broken Beach, Devil Tear and Penida Beach. Here is swimming available.

Angel’s Billabong Beach
When you saw the water is clear as a mirror, you would not be able to reject the desire to swim in this pool and enjoy.

Broken Bay (Pasih Uug)
Broken Bay or Pasih Uug in Balinese. This is Bay one of the coastal cliffs at the height like Uluwatu mainland of Bali. There you will be able to look directly into the sea and if you are lucky, you can see a lot of manta rays and some turtles in the sea. Pasih Uug (Broken beach) has a range of high cliffs that surround the sea so it looks like a giant natural pool.
Volcano beach or stand still known also under the name Broken Beach also did not escape you can enjoy. This beach is "trapped" in between the cliffs, forming a giant pool is second to none. Above the entrance to the water, lies a natural bridge of rocks that you can cross. Brave?

Kelingking /Navagio Beach Nusa Penida

Arguably the most photogenic spot we visited on our entire Bali trip, Kelingking beach

is one of those viewpoints that it’s real when you see it for the first time. This entire coastal 

area is particularly beautiful - the white cliffs contrast dramatically with the turquoise blue waters. 

We continued onto Kelingking Beach Nusa Penida. 

I was shocked to get to the lookout and see what a near mirror image of the world famous Navagio/Shipwreck 

Beach of Zakynthos, Greece except without a single tourist in sight...or the shipwreck. 

Unlike my trip to Navagio earlier this year, I didn't break a toe. 

I still don't understand how Navagio is world famous and I'd never heard of Kelingking. 

I feel privileged to be in on the secret of Nusa Penida. 

Penida Beach or Crystal Bay
Crystal Bay is a beautiful bay at the west side of the island of Nusa Penida - the name "Crystal Bay" because her is crystal clear water and good underwater visibility. The bay has a white sandy beach with palm trees. This Bay is very famous diving site in Bali that you can visit in the season from July to mid November. The water is crystal clear thus excellent for snorkelling. Snorkellers can enjoy the underwater scenery, the fish life is very rich and occasionally Sun Fish , and Nurse Sharks hide under the corals. The beach is fairly quiet and therefore ideal to relax and have a picnic.

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Angel Billabong Beach Nusa Penida Trips
Angel Billabong Beach Nusa Penida Trips
Angel Billabong Beach Nusa Penida Trips
Angel Billabong Beach Nusa Penida Trips
Angel Billabong Beach Nusa Penida Trips
Angel Billabong Beach Nusa Penida Trips

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Location Nusa Penida
Schedule Pick-up time 7.00 AM back to hotel 5.00 PM
Duration 10 Hours
Adult Price USD 130
Children Price USD 120
Minimum Person 2 person

Package Inclusions

  • Return pick-up hotel
  • Return Fast Boat to Nusa Penida
  • One Day Trips with air conditioner car
  • English Speaking Guide
  • Lunch at local restaurant
  • Donation


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